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Geospatial Analysis of Urban Thermal Gradients: Application to Tucson, Arizona's Projected Water Demand

Principal Investigators
Christopher Scott, Asst. Professor, University of Arizona,
Stephen Yool, Professor, University of Arizona,
Andrew Comrie, Professor, University of Arizona,
Eve Halper, PhD Candidate, University of Arizona,

Investigate the impacts of urban warming on outdoor residential water demand in Tucson, Arizona.

1. Characterize spatial and temporal trends in Tucson's thermal profile over the period 1984-2006. Assess trends in reference evapotranspiration (ETref).
2. Spatially correlate normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI) and surface temperature vs. outdoor water demand and ETref based on 2000-2006.
3. Compile datasets of NDVI and surface temperature, and make the datasets available over the Internet for use by managers, planners, ecologists, and researchers.

This research was supported by a U.S. Geological Survey, Section 104B grant from the Water Resources Research Center ( at the University of Arizona.
Landsat imagery was provided by the Arizona Regional Image Archive (

Project Description
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