Mini-Course in Formal Approaches to Celtic Linguistics. (LING484/584)

March 23-29

University of Arizona

Tucson AZ, 85721. USA.

The Department of Linguistics at the University of Arizona is pleased to announce the one-time offering of a special mini-course in Formal Approaches to Celtic Linguistics, sponsored by the National Science Foundation (Grant: BCS0819117). This course is designed to jump start the research of a new generation of experts in Celtic linguistics. Both graduate and undergraduate students are invited to attend. The course is available for university credit. A small number of tuition scholarships are available (see details below). The mini course will precede the NSF funded Formal Approaches to Celtic Linguistics Conference, Part of the mini-course includes attendance at the conference.

The instructors for the mini-course are:

◊ Andrew Carnie, Arizona

◊ James McCloskey (UCSC)

◊ SJ Hannahs (Newcastle)

◊ Maggie Tallerman (Newcastle) and

◊ Mike Hammond (Arizona)

A preliminary schedule and syllabus for the class can be found at: Link


University of Arizona students should register for either LING484 001 or LING584 001. Since the course overlaps with many regularly scheduled classes, please discuss your attendance during this week with your regular instructors. Many instructors in the linguistics department are either cancelling classes that week or allowing students to be absent.


Credit for students who are enrolled at other universities is provided through the University of Arizona Outreach College. Non-University of Arizona students must apply to UA as "Non-degree seeking students" in order to register for the class. There is a $25 non-refundable fee to apply. Student intending to take the mini-course for credit (or even just think about it) should apply as soon as they possibly can, as the wheels of bureaucracy can move slowly. Information on applying for "non-degree seeking" status, as well as information on registration in the Outreach College can be found here. Once admitted, non-University of Arizona students should register for LING484 Section 901 (undergraduates) or LING584 section 901 (graduates).Do not register for LING484 001 or LING584 001.

A limited number of tuition & fees scholarships provided by the National Science Foundation are available for non-University of Arizona students to attend the mini-course. The value of this scholarship is $372.50 for undergraduates and $412.50 for (post)-graduate students. Depending upon the number of applicants for these scholarships a small amount of money to offset travel expenses may also be provided to scholarship awardees. [Note: If you are awarded a tuition scholarship, please do not pay the tuition out of your pocket, we will do it for you (if you pay for it, we cannot reimburse you).]

To apply for the tuition and fee scholarship, send the following material to faclconf@gmail.com

  1) a 1-2 page letter describing your educational background, your interest in Celtic linguistics, and your educational goals.

  2) OPTIONAL: A resume or CV and/or a copy of a paper on some aspect of linguistics. (this is optional).

  3) Applicants should also arrange for 1 letter of recommendation from a professor at your institution to be sent directly to the email address above by the professor.

† Applications for Tuition Scholarships must be received NO LATER THAN FEBRUARY 1, 2009! Notification of awards of the Scholarships will be made no later than February 14th, 2009.

Conference Fees for all LING484/584 registrants are waived.

We may be able to accommodate some students through billeting with graduate and undergraduate students at the U of A, although such spaces are very limited. Please contact "slreed AT email.arizona.edu" to put your name down for a student billet.

*Funding graciously provided by the National Science Foundation Grant: BCS0819117.

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Funded by The National Science Foundation (NSF), Grant # BCS0819117